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Linked up, face shot, six pack core,

Turns out contagion is so easy to ignore,

Head in the feeds counting someone else’s score,

Watch them rise to the ceiling, laid out here on the floor.


Rouged lips, hair slicked,

Boots on high but don’t move an inch,

Sun keeps setting like the world’s in a gif,

Clock counting down, tick, tick, tick.


Red floor, can’t step forward,

Each day a day older than you were the day before,

On ice hustle, freezing quiet on the shore,

Dreams turn to demons still scratching at the door.


Dream reel, spine like steel,

Swallow down fears like eating the last meal,

Wear gold plated knock offs like the real fucking deal,

If this is failing, it’s so beautiful to feel.


All day at work I just want to be working,

On my thing, big ideas get lost in the circus,

Rip a light in the tunnel straight sprint to the surface,

World better think that my shit is worth it.

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