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Star speckled eyes,

In a neon lit room,

Shedding our skins,

To worship the moon.

Words become lighter,

Than smoke in the wind,

Float up to the ceiling,

Ethereal things.

Lifted up high,

On the hands of a song,

We grasp at smoke signals,

And try to hold on.

Spill into madness,

Spill over a glass,

Spill on to the pavement,

As others drift past.

They’re on the outer,

But we are all in,

Dripping with gladness,

Confessing our sins.

Sing ‘til I’m broken,

And we’re all made whole,

And sharing our sweat,

Our drinks and our souls.

Savaged by morning,

Our boiled insides,

And carefully inverted,

Our red speckled eyes.

You’re on the inner,

And I’m on the out,

But we’re a step closer,

A tiny amount.

Star Speckled eyes,

In a neon lit room,

Let’s never wake up,

Let’s fly to the moon.

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