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I’m a girl with many secrets,

I even keep them from myself,

I’ll be someone when you meet me,

But inside I’m someone else.


This vessel is too tiny,

And my thoughts they are too big,

But I’m calm upon the waters,

While I’m raging on the bridge.


So I evict things sentimental,

Batten down against the night,

My secrets are so heavy,

In all else I travel light.


All the things I have discarded,

Tossed from windows on the way,

Fill a city up with strangers,

Who recognise my face.


So don’t trust my disposition,

I’ve the sweetness of a snake,

And please keep a generous distance,

Because I bite when I’m afraid.


I’ll be hopeless when you leave me,

Melt my soul out on the floor,

Collect the wax and wick together,

And then light me up once more.


It’s leaking through the edges,

It’s escaping at the seams,

So when you put me back together,

There’s a little less of me.


All the people I’ve discarded,

They have faded me to black,

I am longing to reclaim them,

But they do not call me back.


So don’t trust this disposition,

For my blood is made of stone,

And if you try to resurrect me,

I will rip your skin from bone.


Still I’ll be helpless when you leave me,

I will melt out on the floor,

Recreate me in my image,

Post new pictures on my wall.


And when I leak out through the edges,

When I’m breaking at my seams,

I’ll erase my filtered features,

And create a brand new me.


I am never sentimental,

Something in me’s not quite right,

My secrets are so heavy,

In all else I travel light.

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