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I want to be a warrior,

Squeeze blood from a stone,

And have everyone admire me,

As it flows around their feet.


The animal inside me,

Wants to tear the world in two,

Wants to break my body open,

And let these things inside me,

Flow out around my feet.


I want to be an alchemist,

And turn this stone in to gold,

To watch it glimmer in the eyes,

Of those who admire me.


But you hate when I’m savage,

So I won’t break the rules,

You’ll watch me closely,

And frown as you catch a glimpse,

Of the beast inside me.


So I tie it up tightly,

Weigh it down with this stone,

And pour myself down, like still, clear, water,

To flow around your feet.


But in a thousand years,

Or in a day from now,

I might tunnel out a hole,

In this impervious stone.


I’m sorry,

I want to make you happy,

But I can’t seem to tame,

This savage thing inside me…



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