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It’s ten o’clock upstairs at Surly’s,

Karaoke sound track playing,

I am dancing to Led Zeppelin,

You are deep in concentration.


We engage in conversation,

But the speakers drown us out,

You can’t melt in to the moment,

Let it be what it’s about.


When you’re up it’s warm like sunlight,

We glow with you like to moon,

But lately when I look too closely,

I just get my fingers burned.


The three of us have screwed you over,

Been a fraction of ourselves,

And the scars of it you’re wearing,

They cut right down to your cells.


That fucking ass hole screwed you over,

Tore the plaster from your walls,

Still we play house like it’s a mansion,

And we’re running down the halls.


It’s midnight here, upstairs at Surly’s,

I am tired and you’re hard work,

Jokes slide off like I am Teflon,

But when they touch you, you get hurt.


I know I should have tried much harder,

But I fucked the whole thing up,

I couldn’t, wouldn’t, take your sadness,

Knew I couldn’t give enough.


So I broke you just a little,

But it opened up a flood,

It wasn’t me who cut the deepest,

But my hands still smell of blood.


Now you’re backed in to the corner,

Fight with anything to hand,

You’ll take us all down together,

‘Cause we just don’t understand.


Cut me up, cut me to bits now,

Add me back up like a sum,

Lay out all the little pieces,

But you are the broken one.


Only strangers love you properly,

Resent us all for even trying,

We walk out to buy Messina,

Act like everything’s just fine.


It’s three thirty, after Surly’s,

We share a cab and talk ’til home,

For a moment, I glimpse sunlight,

But it never lasts for long.


I take an aspirin and Berocca,

Lay myself out on the bed,

Wish I could shake you into seeing,

But we are hanging by a thread.


So I broke you just a little,

But I guess that was just enough,

And you bite when you are in danger,

After all we two are blood.


So cut me up in tiny pieces,

Lay me all out on the floor,

The only way I know to love you,

Is by coming back for more.


So go and love your faceless strangers,

They can give you more than me,

But I’m cut up, and you don’t know it,

We’re not close like we used to be…



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