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Life is happening,

Here in the spaces,

Down these ravines,

These quiet, still places.


You play the x-box,

I clean up the house,

While watching some Netflix,

I throw your shit out.


I check the mail,

I tear up the bills,

And fight with the junk mail,

A battle of wills.


Life is what’s happening,

Right here on the couch,

Where you’re surfing Reddit,

And I’m being left out.


The more still it is here,

The more I can think,

While washing your dishes up,

Hunched over our sink.


I’m history repeating,

One forty IQ,

And wearing an apron,

While you take the view.


I’m history repeating,

With six figure bank,

Cooking your dinner,

And getting no thanks.


Let’s have some babies,

And give up our nights,

And change the core nature,

Of all of our fights.


I’m sure that will help us,

Climb out of this crack,

And live on the surface,

And never look back.


But life is what’s happening,

Here in the holes,

Where we achieve nothing,

And slowly grow old.

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