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Imagine I saw you for the first time after many years,

Across an airport lounge,

I am going to Johannesburg,

You are going to Tokyo,

We are both weary,

Eating shitty lounge food,

Drinking shitty lounge wine,

Watching time drip away.


Your wife is with you,

I didn’t know you had one of those,

She’s neat, and grey eyed and suburban,

I wonder if you are boring now,

Eating in on Friday nights,

Discussing the news on Sunday mornings,

Taking care of things,

Just like me.


I wonder what I look like through your eyes,

Fat around the edges,

Flat shoes,

Designer coat over the arm of my chair,

I have the same boyfriend,

The one you liked better than me,

Remember him? Of course you do,

Do I look as lonely as I feel?


Who cares what the fuck we talk about,

This is all about the past anyway,

When did we stop being friends,

Was it my fault?



Am I relieved when they call my flight?

Let’s go back to being ships in the night,

I hope our mirror copies in their parallel universe lives,

Are still friends.

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